Michelle Rascon

Fiction Editor and Proofreader

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About Me

As a full-time freelance fiction editor since 2015, I own and operate Rascon Revisions, an editorial services business. I work with independent and self-publishing authors to tighten their writing while respecting their unique voice. I’ve completed over 90 editing and proofreading projects.

Editorial Services

When we work together, you’ll receive a personalized service tailored to your needs as an author. I welcome the opportunity to work with beginning and developing writers. I offer line editing, proofreading, content review, and submission review.

Complimentary Services

A free sample edit is available upon request. After we’ve finished working together, I provide several marketing services free of charge. Payment plans are accepted. Plus, returning authors and referrals receive discounted services.


A contract is signed by both parties before editorial services begin. Your work is never presented to anyone else. You retain all rights. Title and release date are kept confidential until publication.


Michelle is a total pleasure to work with; she’s thorough with her edits and thoughtful with her feedback. As an author who has dyslexia, my books need more polish than most and she delivers that polish every time. Each of my manuscripts comes back from her with (quite literally) thousands of corrections. I can’t recommend her enough. – Jex Lane


As your proofreader, I read the entire manuscript one word at a time and check for minor mistakes such as spelling, punctuation, grammar, and spacing. You will receive a Microsoft Word copy of your manuscript with suggestions made using Track Changes. A proofreader does the final check before publishing. Proofreading does not include rewriting sentences, changing structure, or feedback.

Using my expertise as an editor, I offer reliable, extensive feedback on your manuscript, similar to the feedback I provide during a line edit—for a lower cost. By using my free time to read works-in-progress for authors, I give my point of view as a reader, positive and negative feedback about the story and your writing, what type of editing I think your manuscript needs, and answers to specific questions you have about your manuscript.

As your line editor, using the Chicago Manual of Style, I correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, spacing, capitalization, syntax, and style, reword sentences to improve clarity, and remove repetition or simple wording while staying true to your unique voice. I also check pacing, continuity, descriptions, and dialogue. You will receive a Microsoft Word copy of your manuscript with editing comments and suggestions made using Track Changes. After the line edit is completed and you’ve accepted or rejected changes and responded to comments and feedback, you’ll send the corrected document back to me for a proofread.

Are you submitting your flash fiction or short story to a writing contest? I offer line editing and proofreading for short works. Once we’ve communicated and you’ve sent the story to me, I will send the edited version back to you within your deadline, provide feedback, and answer any specific questions. We can send the story back and forth as many times as you need before you submit.