Content Review

Using my expertise as an editor, I offer reliable, extensive feedback on your manuscript, similar to the feedback I provide during a line edit—for a lower cost. By using my free time to read works-in-progress for authors, I give my point of view as a reader, positive and negative feedback about the story and your writing, what type of editing I think your manuscript needs, and answers to specific questions you have about your manuscript.

As your content reviewer, I will read your manuscript and provide feedback during the read-through using comments with Microsoft Word. You will also receive a detailed email answering any specific questions you’d like addressed.

If you work with me for the same story in the future, funds paid for the content review are deducted from future editing costs.


$0.0025 per word


3 to 7 days


If you think we’d make a great team, please request a free sample edit and estimate. You can also contact me to discuss your needs.