Line Editing

As your line editor, using the Chicago Manual of Style, I correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, spacing, capitalization, syntax, and style, reword sentences to improve clarity, and remove repetition or simple wording while staying true to your unique voice. I also check pacing, continuity, descriptions, and dialogue. You will receive a Microsoft Word copy of your manuscript with editing comments and suggestions made using Track Changes. After the line edit is completed and you’ve accepted or rejected changes and responded to comments and feedback, you’ll send the corrected document back to me for a proofread.

A line editor reads through a manuscript line by line. If you’ve sent your manuscript to beta readers and implemented the feedback, you’re ready for line editing. Line editing focuses on the rules of writing, rather than the story. However, a line editor should also check for consistency within the story. While I do my best to correct minor errors during the second round of editing, I highly recommend hiring a fresh set of eyes to do the final proofread after a line edit.


$0.01 – $0.02 per word


7 to 14 days


If you think we’d make a great team, please request a free sample edit and estimate. You can also contact me to discuss your needs.