Why do I need an editor?

As a reader, being taken out of a story because of a confusing sentence—or worse, a typo—is incredibly frustrating. Your role as a writer is to write. My role as an editor is to improve your writing. Whether this is your first book or your thousandth, you need another pair of eyes to proofread your work before publishing.

Why can’t I just use editing software?

You can, and I highly recommend certain editing software. However,  no person or piece of software is going to catch every mistake. Software may help, but you need an expert to know if the software is making the correct changes. Nothing compares to the human eye.

Do you use editing software?

Absolutely, and I don’t think it’s unethical to do so. Using editing software allows me to catch more at a faster rate. However, I don’t solely rely on the software; I do read your manuscript. Training as an editor and proofreader ensures I’ll know when the software is wrong and when it’s not giving your voice justice.

I have licenses with PerfectIt and WordRake, and a subscription with Grammarly.

You are more than welcome to specifically request that I don’t use editing software with your manuscript.

What is unique about your editing process?

Unlike many other indie editors, my only services are editorial. I don’t provide covers or formatting. This allows me to master my craft and focus on the words of your book, instead of wearing many hats.

What is included in your critique?

Using the Chicago Manual of Style, my critique may include the following:

✓ Spelling
✓ Punctuation
✓ Grammar
✓ Spacing
✓ Capitalization
✓ Syntax (sentence structure & readability)
✓ Style
✓ Clarity
✓ Removing repetition & simple wording
✓ Correcting passive voice
✓ Refining your manuscript line by line
✓ Quality feedback & suggestions to improve your manuscript

Will you offer a free sample edit?

Absolutely! Please fill out this form for a free sample edit.

How does the payment method work?

Payments are invoiced via PayPal and sent after we’ve both signed the editing contract.

Do you offer discounts or payment arrangements?

Occasionally, I will offer sales on the website. If you need a payment arrangement, contact me to discuss options.

What are your hours?

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 12 am CST.

How will we keep in touch?

My preferred methods of communication are email, Facebook Messenger, or Hangouts. Documents are always sent by email.

Do you offer incentives?

Yes! Returning authors receive 10% off regular prices. Referrals receive 5% off regular prices. Referrals must mention the name of the author who referred them to receive a discount.

I have a different question.

Okay. You can ask here, or email me.